Listen to your body

Do What I Say, Not What I Did

As the song in the movie, “The Sound of Music”, says, “Let’s start at the...

Voyage through Chaos to Equanimity

A life lived in heaven or hell on earth can boil down to a matter of nervous system regulation...

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Addictive Behavior: Where it comes from and how to beat it

Do you feel that you cannot stop doing “it”?

Do you have such a craving, you cannot...

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What if there was nothing wrong with me?

What if I had grown up without abuse? What if I was loved and taken care of as a child? What if I...

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Let’s Talk Trauma

I don’t know how much I know now about trauma. I don’t know how much more I know...

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The Audacity of Self-Acceptance

By Eva Angvert

How is my behavior? Am I showing up in the world the way I want to?


ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR: Where it comes from and how to release it

By Eva Angvert Harren, BEAM LiFE Coaching @ 510.825.7574

Do you feel that you cannot stop doing...

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Listen to your body

M Is for Motion - Recognize the need for down time and recharging

Is anxiety and emotional pain holding you back from the life you want?