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workshops with Eva

Upcoming Workshops

Release Your Anxiety and Anger



After this interactive workshop, you will have an awareness of your bodymind, be less reactive, and notice a difference in how you respond.

Next workshop to be announced

In-person 4-hour Workshop 


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I feel stronger, I feel safer, and I feel like I've got me back

I was getting some bad habits and on a bit of an emotional roller coaster the work we've done has been a little bit confronting but so worth it. A fabulous experience that I would recommend to anyone, Thanks for your time.

— Karen

I now have some great tools, that will enable me now, to get back to where I want to be in life, contentment and happiness within myself and in my relationship.

I feel more than confident now that this course has really given me some tools and purpose. Today I feel relaxed and confident, that I'll do what I've got to do in the short term, which will enable me to live a happy year-end and prosperous life in the future. Thank you.

— Steve Norman

I feel more at peace. I feel very light. Something I haven't felt for a very long time.

I came on this three day course not knowing what to expect. I came in thinking that I was okay But I came out knowing that I hadn't dealt with a lot of things and Eva is Eva is amazing. I would recommend this course to anybody. Thank you.

— Christine White
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