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No longer am I chained to the negative energy of my past because no longer is that energy inside of me.

Eva has helped me tremendously through helping me understand the energy we hold in our bodies which has caused us to stay bound in physical as well as emotional pain.  With the techniques she has used she has helped move that energy out of me so I can live and move in a way that has been so freeing. I have made healthier choices in my life and in my relationships.   Eva has created a safe environment that is warm, comfortable and allows the healing to move!


Like I literally can sit anywhere and feel like I belong and I shine that love and that light onto the people that I meet. That's my life now and I have Eva to thank for that

Eva said, do you mind if I ask me some questions? She had known that I had been in therapy for about six years and I really got through a lot of things. So, I was like, sure, so she started asking me questions. And they're not questions that you would think, they're stuff like, you know, where are you right now, you know, what colors the wall, what's the texture. I mean, things like this that weren't making me actually go back and relive what was painful, I'm not really sure, you know, why she does what she does, but I can tell you at the end was amazing.

— Stacey langham


I had a quit caffeine, for me it's amazing, energy drinks, full throttles, I drank two those of day for way too many years. I didn't realize how something like as low as caffeine was making me so, so much more anxious than I needed to be, and I was just using it as a crutch

It's much easier to pass on guilt or blame to others or your environment instead of taking actual personal responsibility for who you are and how you feel and that's my biggest takeaway and it sounds like such a simplistic thing that yeah you're in control of your life and you're responsible for how you feel but until you get down to that basic source level of what the problem really is and work with it inside yourself it's really almost impossible to deal with and with Eva you go right you go right there and it's no it's a no BS method which is something that I I need so I can't avoid it and you get right down into it and you work with it and it actually surprisingly works

I would say that if you're actually sincere and wanting to solve the problem and not tip toe around it, then you need to see Eva because it actually works and that's something that tremendously helpful.

— Ryan


I now have a way to actually process that stress and get it out of my body, which is something that I've actually never had before in my entire life.

I was feeling pretty stuck in my life. I had this fear everyone was was judging me or watching me. I felt quite disconnected from my body, and my emotions. The only emotion I would feel was nervousness or anxiety or fear, but nothing else.

I was free from a lot of a lot of the fears a lot of the anxiety that I had been feeling. Eva has made a huge positive impact in my life. 

— Ruth


I would get these anxiety attacks where I would feel like there's nothing I can do, I felt helpless, I felt trapped, and that's when I turned to Eva.

Eva has this powerful way of holding space for you. She holds you in a space that allows you to really explore and express your emotions so that you can go through and resolve your emotions. She doesn't help you mask it or suppress it. She really helps you to resolve the core emotion that you're feeling. In an addition, she gives you the confidence and has a skill to guide you to connect to the greatest part of yourself.

 Eva is one of the best out there. If you are struggling emotionally with situations in your life or depression or anxiety, I highly recommend you work with Eva.

— Ron


The recent loss of my husband of 23 years was weighing heavily on me and I turned to Eva Angvert Harren for help.

 I was able to access the feelings from many experiences in my have access and ability to transform the energy and memories that were no longer serving me and reclaim my power to choose my feelings and take inspired action in my life to make the changes I needed to make. To continue to grieve in a way that has allowed me to know that my life....has meaning and that I am here to make a difference and that I am glad to be alive! I can move forward now in peace and purpose. Thank you Eva!!!

— Beverly


To say Eva changed my life would be understating how important she has been to my growth as a human being.

Up until very recently, I had never defined myself as a socially adept person, mainly because I didn't trust myself to behave appropriately with acquaintances or peers. One session with Eva transformed this discouraging assumption into an unshakable belief in my ability to do and be confident and competent in the company of others, which I didn't think was possible for me. She helped me step into my own incredible potential, and opened up new avenues that had been inaccessible to me for nearly two decades. 

— Danny Raede

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