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Eva Angvert —

Do you have anxiety? I did too!

Do you feel depressed? I did too!

Do you sometimes overreact with anger, or even rage? I did too!

Have you ever come to a rough spot in your life and thought “Uh-oh it’s happening again,” and you don’t seem to be able to change your behavior? It happened to me for years!

You may be, like I was, stuck in your own doom loop. 

A painful repetitive cycle of behaviors you can’t get out of. 

Often the cause of that “uh-oh” is inside your body. A sensation that starts a discomfort that starts an emotion that starts a behavior. 

You may even feel that it’s going to happen but you can’t seem to avoid it. 

If you can relate and want to change, I can help you

I can guide you through a process that will support you to overcome life-limiting habits, and discover your strengths and gifts.

“My life was a mess, filled with anxiety, rage, depression, and panic. I call it My Doom Loop.”

Not anymore!

My Doom Loop ended when I realized that I was responsible for every single behavior I exhibited, and that every single behavior can turn into a habit, can turn into . . . an addiction. 

And I had to become willing to stop the loop. Meaning I had to become willing to feel the sensations that triggered the discomfort that triggered the behaviors.

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Beyond Recovery

Learn how to implement Brilliant Behaviors that move you through your barriers, and help you develop your formula for a successful living.

Do you feel as if you are reacting instead of acting? Do you say to yourself: “I did it again! Why?” If so, you could be stuck in a hopeless loop of repetitive behaviors where you keep on trying to change, but when you’re in the situation you find your Self doing the same thing again! You may even know what’s going to go wrong, but you feel as if you have no power to stop it.

Now you have the guide to release your limiting habits and beliefs by developing the clarity to know, the confidence to do, and the courage to be

 . . . You!

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The BEAM LiFE process is gentle and non-invasive, developed to support clients to release these sensations, uncomfortable emotions, and tension in their mind and body. The process guides you to find the best way for you to develop the positive habits that will support you on your  journey.




BEAM LiFE Coaching offers a dialogue to investigate what you would like to achieve through our coaching relationship. With an equally respectful coaching relationship our work together will enable you to develop competencies in Self-regulating new skills  toincrease your quality of life.



Somatic Experiencing

A therapeutic modality focusing on the resolution of symptoms arising from traumatic stress. SE offers unique insight into biological processes that support or disrupt the freedom of attention necessary to achieve our life goals. Our aim is to help you access the body memory of the event, not the story.



EmRes Process

The EmRes Process is a proven process for regulating disruptive emotional as well as behavioral patterns, and this is very effective when used to resolve conditions such as Autistic Spectrum characterized  behaviors, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress,  Fear,  Anxiety,    Anger, Grief  and more.



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What Our Clients Say


“I get vertigo and sometimes even fall down…Then I met Eva and honestly I wasn’t even thinking about the incident or trying to fix it, but while we went through her very gentle process of discovery, which is really just talking and doing some minor movements. I was surprised to feel especially calm around the issue. That was several months ago, and since that time I’ve had no vertigo and no problems…Eva yours is a magical and gentle process that really works!”


“She gave me one session and it completely revolutionized my entire life. What she does is nothing short of magic. If you have any sort of mental block, if you have whole bunch of PTSD, or if you are living with fear, if you’re living with tons of anxiety, Eva is the go-to person to solve all of it and so much more…”


“I have gone through a lot of drama in my life I’ve had a lot of bad things happen to me and my family and that has subconsciously become a deep-seated thing for me and Ava helped unseat that, she helped me regain control of my life and my body…I highly recommend her Services because she changed my life in a matter of minutes…”


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Latest Thoughts…

Sharing my thoughts about life. How we can all find the clarity to know our path, the confidence to walk it, and the courage to allow our Self to be more of who we are meant to be.

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