M Is for Motion - Recognize the need for down time and recharging

To be in action and moving forward, we have to recognize the need for down time and recharging. If we want to be successful in life and reap the benefits of our hard work, we need to be healthy to fully enjoy the rewards.

One way of making sure we will be well and able to enjoy our successes is to maintain a balance in our daily life – physically-mentally-emotionally-spiritually-somatically – taking care of our selves, playing and working hard, and staying mindful.

As you plan your week, include exercise, quiet time, reading, nature walks, and time for friends and family. Look at your week ahead and book self-care into your schedule. Doing this kind of scheduling may make it look as though you won’t have time for work. As you view your calendar, you may find your self thinking, “All this taking care of my self leaves no time for getting ‘more important’ things done!”

Why? Why does “it” matter? Why do you matter? Why are you here?

When my daughter Kristina passed on, I was consumed by grief; “it” was quiet and meaning-less for a long time. Nothing mattered. My life wasn’t worth living. I couldn’t even make healthy babies. I wasn’t worth keeping alive.

But, as I mentioned in my story, the BEAM LiFE story, my husband and I had made a decision not to become statistics, not to be one of those couples who don’t want to “weather the pain” and instead choose to divorce. It was a decision that kept us together until the pain subsided enough for us to “see” each other again.

It will sometimes be your decision to succeed that will keep you going when everything else points to quitting. In my experience, that decision will sometimes be the only reason to get out of bed. I was told that persistence meant “to do what you said you were going to do when the feeling that made you make that decision – is gone!”

One way to make your journey more motivating and exciting is to find the meaning of your life. You have come this far; why, what’s your purpose? Why do you matter?

Having been lost for years myself, drifting in life, and then marrying this man of honor and integrity, my best friend, and having a child, even if the outcome was tragic, was the beginning of my journey to wellness.

I had to come to terms with the fact that there was probably something else that had led me to that point. To lose Kristina brought me to my knees, but my husband and I had made a decision: We were not going to be statistics. From here on, it was only up! And, there was something we were here to do. At that time, I had to find meaning in order to go on.

To maintain a fruitful, evolving existence with health, happiness, and success, we have to schedule our days, weeks, and months.

Master mind groups are one way of finding support and inspiration for yourself while also helping others grow. A smaller number of members (6 to 8) creates a more intimate group in which you get to know each other better. Set a schedule to meet a minimum of one time a month.

The regular schedule of meetings creates an accepting group of people who will support you, regardless of the setbacks you may experience. At the same time, this group is meant to encourage and hold you accountable for your actions – or your lack of accountability – as the case may be. All members share with the group their intentions for the week, or month, and ask the group to hold each other accountable.

The more we know our selves, and the more we are aware of our impact on others, the more we can choose how we show up in the world and what effect we want to have on others. Are we part of the problem or the solution? Are we contaminating the world, or are we contributing to the world?

You are an intricate part of a greater system and have gifts and talents only you can present to the world. People will shift and improve their lives just because of YOU. The way you said that thing, the way they felt around you, the way you were showing up in the world affected them and shifted their course…maybe enough for them to miss the iceberg.

You have a tremendous value and incredible gifts, and it is your “duty” to share them with the world, your way. Because, there are people out there who will only be able to “hear” that they matter – from you!

If you are interested in learning more about getting unstuck from life-limiting habits or my BEAM LiFE program, connect with me on my website at:  www.evaangvert.com or email me at: [email protected].


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