I Just Stood There!

Dec 06, 2016

I just stood there! The woman had looked at me and asked “didn’t you wear this shirt last time I saw you?”

I froze! How did she know? How could she remember? Was I not supposed to? Is it wrong to wear the same shirt again? How could I know that she was going to be here too?

The rest of the party was a blur. I said the appropriate hello, nice to see you, what a beautiful blouse, oh really, how interesting, and all that stuff.

However, I wasn’t “there.” I had left, already shut down, and crawled into survival mode. I was hiding at the food, as always.

Feeling the effects from the sugar induce coma coming on. Damn it! I did it again! I blew it, and ate all this junk . . . again! To hell with all these parties.

I was just surviving until I could leave. I couldn’t wait to leave! Get out . . . so I could breathe again. How could she remember what I was wearing weeks ago?

Are you supposed to tell people you remember their cloths?  Isn’t that weird? Where is the rule book for this? It freaks me out not to know!

Back home my obsessive brain got the best of me, “I can’t believe you’ll never learn!” “What’s the matter with you?” “You might as well give up!” You’re not getting any friend this way.” And on and on and on.

I just wanted to throw up all the junk and go to bed.

How can we learn how to enjoy social events?

How would you feel if:

You didn’t have anxiety about how your looks?

You were okay with your Self?

You didn’t care about what “they” thought about you?

This wonderful feeling of Ease and Comfort is now available to anyone who’s willing to learn a few skills.

Do you?

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