GOOD VIBRATIONS: It’s All About Your Vibe

Apr 07, 2015

by Nicholas Kardaras

“She’s got a really great vibe”… “That place has a bad vibe”

We use the word “vibe” when we get a good feeling about someone (or someplace). But according to some of the latest research—and some of the most ancient wisdom —it may really, truly be all about vibration.

Fact: Did you know that your heart emits an electromagnetic field that can be detected up to a 15 foot radius beyond your body?

And did you know that Pythagoras, the ancient trippy philosopher who literally invented the word “philosophy”, felt that everything was vibrational—me, you…the chair you’re sitting in…in fact, he believed that the entire universe was harmonic and vibrational (he called it “the Music of the Spheres”).

String Theory anyone?

And did you know what the purpose of philosophy really was—as the ancient Greeks understood it?

To get a good vibe going. That’s right. It was all about getting your vibe on. Pythagoras believed that we were like a stringed musical instrument and that philosophy was the way to “tune” your instrument—your mind, body and soul so that it can be in harmony with the larger cosmic symphony.

For the ancient Greeks, philosophy wasn’t just a form of intellectual calisthenics, but a transformative way of thinking, living and being that could lead to a shift in your vibration so that you could be in tune with the universe and your life’s purpose.

It’s really all about getting your (vibrational) groove on…are you ready to get in-tune?

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