Is a habit holding you back from the life you want?


Is there an underlying pain that hinders you from moving on?


Do you feel as though you might be a little out of control?


How would your life look if you could resolve the pain that causes you to stay stuck ?


Get help to unstuck from anxiety and addictive habits

Your bodymind is a fantastic piece of art.

It affects your everything you do!

Overwhelming experiences from our past, places, situations, and other people's behaviors leave memories in our bodymind.


Our brain is protecting us from these memories by numbing, "leaving", distracting, reacting, and avoiding...and a hundred other ways of not feeling discomfort in our body. 


However, these memories are alive in our bodies and can be triggered to make us react and behave in ways we don't want. 

When we get stuck in an overwhelming situation, and we cannot protect our Self, or get out of it...we often freeze.

The more overwhelming situations we experience, the more frozen we become.

The more frozen we become, the more reactive we are, unable to respond how we want.

We slowly turn into "mental and emotional iceblocks", attempting to protect our Self by staying numb and "safe inside".

With Somatic (Body-Awareness) Coaching, we can start to melt the ice and allow the
True Me to come out.

Want to get unstuck from what's holding you back?

Discover how to get unstuck from anxiety and addictive habits

Get more balanced

Knowing this is critical to being more balanced. 

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What is an addiction

Learn what addiction are about and what you can do to stop it. 

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What's next?

What is the real challenge after recovery? Learn from my story. 

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While you are here...

Enjoy this Body-Awareness practice I call "Stop. Drop. Check."


This is a simple way To get unstuck in the moment.


Hi, I'm Eva!

If you want to recover from trauma and anxiety, I believe it's beneficial to work with someone who herself has lived with trauma and anxiety.

Being that someone who has lived with addiction, emotional pain, and grief, I can help you work through it all, and come to a place of Ease and Comfort.

Also, if you use the 12 steps as part of your recovery, I have 33 years in AA and Al-anon and speak the language.

To be more balanced in your life, you need to understand how you and your body are affected by your trauma. 


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Do you say to yourself:

“I can’t believe I did it again!”


If so, you could be circling in your own doom loop: You know what’s going to go wrong, but you have no power to stop it.

Now, you can transform your way of being with clarity, confidence, and the natural courage to be you.

Stop circling in your own doom loop.

In this re-publishing of Eva's book, you will learn to tell the difference between your own positive and negative repetitive patterns and what to do about them. 

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Develop life-affirming habits.

In this companion workbook to Eva’s book, you will find journaling prompts and self-development exercises that you can use to make progress in your own emotional life.

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Enjoy Your Successes.

Discover how to get unstuck from anxiety and addictive habits