Discover the Clarity to know what you want, the Confidence to do what you want, and the Courage to Be...You!

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Hey There, my name is Eva....

As the creator of BEAM LiFE, I am specializing in a body-centered approach to recovery and full bodymind wellness. I help you “Reclaim, Restore, and Recover” your Self to Be Reaction Free! For more than 25 years, I have taught the BEAM LiFE step-by-step, body-centered awareness approach to people who want to move beyond their limiting beliefs about themselves and their possibilities.

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You do not have to re-live your past to heal from it. You do not even have to talk about it. The BEAM LiFE Process works either way.

The BEAM LiFE Process is a collection of modalities, techniques, and training combined into a unique formula that resolves pain from trauma, anger, anxiety, and unwanted habits. The focus is on supporting you to feel the ease and comfort in being you.


My goal is that

you will eventually not need my services.

I teach people how to resolve emotional difficulties in order to find relief from anxiety and addictive habits.

You will learn how to integrate the skills I teach you so that they become part of you, and enable you to live through your day with ease and comfort.

My clients benefit from working with me specifically because I can relate to their pain.

I have experienced daily anxiety, panic attacks followed by deep depression and horrifying feelings of ‘not wanting to be here’. I “see” them. I tell them what I see. I relate stories from my own life. I have nothing to hide. It’s all in my book.

Do you feel as if you are reacting instead of acting?

In this book you have the guide to release your limiting habits and beliefs by developing the clarity to know what you want, the confidence to do what you want, and the courage to be . . . You!


Beyond Recovery
Getting Unstuck from Life-Limiting Habits

As the name implies, our approach to getting unstuck leads you through a simple, step-by-step process to connect with your Self, notice where your blocks are, and finally release these blocks.

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"I get vertigo and sometimes even fall down…Then I met Eva and honestly I wasn’t even thinking about the incident or trying to fix it, but while we went through her very gentle process of discovery, which is really just talking and doing some minor movements. I was surprised to feel especially calm around the issue. That was several months ago, and since that time I’ve had no vertigo and no problems…Eva yours is a magical and gentle process that really works!"

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"I have gone through a lot of drama in my life I’ve had a lot of bad things happen to me and my family and that has subconsciously become a deep-seated thing for me and Ava helped unseat that, she helped me regain control of my life and my body…I highly recommend her Services because she changed my life in a matter of minutes…"


"She gave me one session and it completely revolutionized my entire life. What she does is nothing short of magic. If you have any sort of mental block, if you have whole bunch of PTSD, or if you are living with fear, if you’re living with tons of anxiety, Eva is the go-to person to solve all of it and so much more…"

Danny Raede



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