What is the Beam Life Process?

How Does BEAM LiFE Coaching Work?

This is your personal journey to become more of who you want to be. This is your session; no intrusive questions, nothing to explain. Fear, anger, anxiety, and emotional pain can be debilitating, and hinder us from being who we truly are.

The ultimate goal of BEAM LiFE coaching is that you will no longer need my services! You will have found your way of life while feeling happy, joyous, and free.

The BEAM LiFE process is gentle and non-invasive, developed to help clients release these sensations, uncomfortable emotions, and tension in their mind and body. The process guides you to find the best way for you to develop the positive habits that will support your journey.

I am an educator, facilitator, and coach who holds a space for you to develop who you want to be. The process is ultimately unique to each individual. What’s in it for you?

Learn more about my techniques in this video.

BEAM LiFE Coaching offers a dialogue to investigate what you would like to achieve through our coaching relationship. With an equally respectful coaching relationship our work together will enable you to develop competencies in Self-regulating new skills (i.e. maintain healthy routines and habits) and increase your quality of life. You will have the clarity to know what’s best for you, the confidence in what you are doing, and the courage to be…you!

The BEAM LiFE Process is developed by me, Eva, and is a collection of modalities, techniques, and trainings (three of them are mentioned below) combined into a unique formula that integrate 

  • Balance
  • Energy
  • Attitude
  • Motion. 

The focus is on supporting you to connect with your ‘Self’, with your own internal guidance system, with your core intuitive intelligence, hence the name: Core Coaching.

In this comprehensive modality you will learn how to:

  • balance your body-mind with self-supporting habits
  • establish healthy boundaries
  • experience a connection with your internal energy
  • use your energy to gain intuitive intelligence
  • connect with your emotional body-mind
  • develop self-awareness to
  • choose your behavior in the moment
  • create a supportive attitude
  • establish a forward motion towards a life of your choice
  • clarify the meaning of your life

Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic modality focusing on the resolution of symptoms arising from traumatic stress. As Dr. Peter Levine says “the sessions are not about reclaiming memories or changing our thoughts and beliefs about how we feel, but we look at the sensations that lie underneath our feelings.” SE offers unique insight into biological processes that support or disrupt the freedom of attention necessary to achieve our life goals. Our aim is to help you access the body memory of the event, not the story. We don’t discuss what happens if you don’t want to. 

Expected results are:

  • develop a sense of well-being, and the freedom of attention
  • increase your self-awareness
  • release symptoms from trauma
  • uncover the triggers to your habitual behavior patterns
  • overcome social awkwardness

EmRes is a process that has changed the way to resolve emotional difficulties. It is a process for regulating disruptive emotional and behavioral patterns, and very effective when used to resolve conditions such as:

  • Autistic Spectrum characterized behaviors
  • Depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Fear, anxiety
  • Anger
  • Grief

Disclaimer: We are not Psychological or Therapy Professionals. You should always seek the advice of a Professional before deciding the right treatment option for you or your child. Any advice we give is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be considered medical, legal or financial advice. Consult with a medical doctor before making any changes to you or your child’s lifestyle. This website is for information only, and not a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy.


Information on My Somatic Core Coaching Sessions

I hope that you will take a few minutes to read the following and fill in a few details for me. This is a brief letter explaining what I do and do not do as an Integral Coach, and my coaching perspective including Somatic Experiencing (SE), Somatic Touch Work (STW) , and EmRes sessions. Please read the following carefully and feel free to ask if you have any questions. At the end of this description you will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of your understanding of my scope of practice.

I have been in the field of helping, supporting, and coaching for over 28 years. In the beginning I worked mostly with addictions and abuse. After I graduated from New Ventures West coaching school in 2002, I also include Integral Coaching for people and professionals who want less stress and more balance in their lives. I have a Professional Coaching Course (PCC) Certification from New Ventures West. The PCC is an Accredited Coach Training Program through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

As a wonderful addition to my practice I also graduated from the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute’s Three-year training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), and an approved session provider of this modality. This work is founded on the research and clinical explications offered by Dr. Peter Levine, creator of the therapeutic modality Somatic Experiencing (SE), and the author of the books Waking The Tiger, and In An Unspoken Voice.

It should be stressed that SE is neither a distinct psychotherapeutic practice nor a bodywork technique. Instead SE, particularly in my private practice, is a nervous system reeducation methodology for people who are experiencing distress, either physically or psychologically. It is also appropriate for people searching for a more complete integration of their experiences that can lead to a greater freedom of choice and fulfillment: physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you so desire to explore the world of SE, a part of our work will involve me encouraging you to pay attention to those aspects of you that are beyond and beneath your words, namely your body, your senses, your feelings, and images.

As an addition in the field of trauma healing, I have had the opportunity to train and become certified by Cedric Bertelli in the healing method called EmRes. Cedric is the founder of The Emotional Heath Institute https://www.emotionalhealthinstitute.org/ 

My work then is as an educator and coach who facilitates the awareness of my client’s attention toward mental, emotional, and bodily well-being, which is ultimately unique to each individual. I have worked with groups and individuals in areas including:

  • Addictions
  • Abuse
  • Anxiety and Emotional Overwhelm
  • Autism Spectrum traits, and repetitive behavior patterns
  • Various forms of trauma with their consequential survivor behaviors
  • Relationships and career exploration
  • Spiritual issues

In a BEAM LiFE Process experience, all will be available as part of the process, and will be personalized according to you.

In our sessions together, we will spend our time talking, exchanging ideas and perspectives about your goals, dreams, and desires. I shall want to know about you, to the degree that you are willing and able to share.

On occasion, and only with your agreement, I use Core Coaching touch. Often the touch involves remaining in our chairs and experiencing ‘grounded touching’, like a foot touching a foot or a hand on a shoulder. At other times, I may invite you to use a table where I shall work with systems in your body in an attempt to open blocks and move energy. I do not manipulate, but only support your body. Before any of this table work takes place, I shall inform you of what we are going to do and why, and ensure that you feel safe. I shall also always ask you permission before I place a hand on any area of your body.


I look forward to our upcoming time together; an opportunity to explore what is possible for YOU!