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Have you, or someone you know been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

So have I, at the ripe old age of 58. Before then, my life was plagued with confusion, anxiety, and addictive habits.

After the diagnose I kind of understood why my life had been such a struggle, and I found a way to make sense of it all. The BEAM LiFE Process helped me find the intuitive awareness needed in interpersonal relationships.  

Most of us have probably experienced social anxiety at some point. I had! 

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That time at a social event when we felt frozen and unable to say anything. A good time for a drink, or another trip to the buffet, or maybe just leave. 

With a “dash of Autism” we are even more challenged. We often do not have the intuitive sense to feel the rhythm of the conversation, stick to the topic, to know when to speak, or to know when to shut up!

Sometimes it may even have felt like you were in a bubble and couldn’t connect with anybody. Just stuck in a somewhat frozen feeling of tension in the body, in other words anxiety. 

Or, maybe it felt like everybody else was in a bubble, and you couldn’t get it.

Maybe you ended up trying in your own way to connect and again . . . failed miserably. If you’re like me, you say something that was too direct, too honest, or perceived wrong, not at all what you meant.

 Or, maybe you just stand there long enough, quiet, looking weird, and consequently making others uncomfortable. Without even knowing what you did wrong. You just stood there! Right?

Maybe you’ll even get into an argument, just because you disagreed, and didn’t know what else to say.

We often say what we think . . .  not always the best idea. Maybe you did, and it wasn’t appreciated. Maybe it's something else.

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“When I first discovered how to get unstuck, it completely transformed my entire life. The knowledge of this process is the singular most important piece of information I've ever come across in my entire life. It has made every single part of my life infinitely better, given me a TON more confidence & clarity, and allowed me to finally relax and be ok with who I am as a person.”

— Danny Reade, CEO of

Whatever the case, we here at BEAM LiFE Coaching have been working hard to create our best offer yet:

Social Ease In the World of Autism
Getting Unstuck from Life-Limiting Habits

As the name implies, it leads you through a simple, step-by-step process to connect with yourself, notice where your blocks are, and finally release them.

That means you can finally relax. No more Social Anxiety. I mean, honestly, I do not feel anxious in social setting anymore. What FREEDOM!

Imagine allowing yourself to settle into your body, letting down your guard... and just BE.

Nothing in the external world has changed, but you'll notice that internally you are feeling so much more at ease. And that makes everything change!

Suddenly there is less stress when preparing for a social event. Less anxiety about what to wear, what people are going to think about what you’re wearing.

Who’s going to be there? Will I like them? Will they like me? How can I get out of it? How can I plan a quick exit if I need it? And on and on and on . . .

If you’re in school you can feel more at ease approaching the campus, and going to class. You are not as anxious to ask for help, and able to direct your attention to learning, instead of being consumed with anxiety.

Same at work, you are just more comfortable with you, and that way you are more comfortable with the people at work. Even if you don’t like them, they do not affect the way you feel about your Self.


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You will notice a shift in your workplace when you get unstuck from your anxiety driven behaviors.

Going to public places is not as overwhelming anymore. You might even enjoy going out people watching, or shopping. This is all possible! I know, because I did it!

You start feeling that you want to connect with others more. And you feel a peace that you cannot remember feeling before.

THAT is what Social Ease is about. And that is what we're here to provide for you.

What Is the “Getting Unstuck” Process?

The “Getting Unstuck” process is a safe method you can use in your own home to help you feel comfortable with being connected to your Self and to others.

Once you get connected, you can pinpoint where you are getting blocked…and eliminate the block.

Here’s what the “Getting Unstuck” process consists of:

  • 6 guided audio files that gently help you move past your blocks and get unstuck while teaching you the philosophy behind why the process works
  • 6 worksheets that go with the audio files
  • A 20-minute meditation to help you gain more Clarity, Confidence and Courage to Be . . . You!

Valued at $400, we are now offering this course at the amazing deal of 50% off for a total of $197

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Why This Process Works

Many of us find rescue in therapy, religion, and support groups. Often the focus in these support groups is to study and analyze our past.

I studied my past and my memories for more than 15 years with psychotherapy, breath work, non-violent communication classes, and workshops of all sorts that could help me calm down.

I desperately looked for a way to become a better person, a better mom, a better wife, a better friend, a better….whatever.

The saying you hear in the recovery community – “At least I am not drinking” – was not enough for me.

Being clean and sober must mean more than “being clean and sober”.

I wanted to enjoy my life, have friends, and go to parties and social events without feeling anxious and even scared.

In the world of BEAM LiFE “clean and sober” includes compassion, love and kindness, for Self and others – things I knew nothing about.

No Longer at the Mercy of
Daily Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Because I experienced daily panic attacks, rage and anxiety, I had difficulty focusing on one task at a time. I was unable to sit quietly with my children. Reading a book was next to impossible.

One day, I picked up my older child (she was 3 years old!) in anger and “threw her in bed”. At that moment I had a vision that her neck broke – just a picture flashing in my mind’s eye.

Scared out of my mind, I dropped to the floor in yet another panic attack.

That day I stormed into my therapist’s office and demanded to know why she had not offered me medication.

And what she said put me on the journey I am on now.

“If I offer you medication, I offer you an umbrella.

You will not feel the rain, but you will not feel the sunshine either.”

I felt stuck. I asked her, “So, when I close the umbrella, I have still not figured out how to deal with the weather, right?” 

Her answer, “Nope!”

That’s when I understood that MY healing had to come from my core.

I had to find a way to deal with the weather.

In 2006, after a total of 16 years of researching, studying, begging, and trying, I learned about the concept of “body awareness” and how the body can “hold onto” memories of traumatic events.

 This new knowledge changed my life. 

Getting unstuck helped me feel as if I had come to, as if I had emerged from living in a fog.

I came alive!

Getting unstuck changed my life. It saved my marriage. It saved my relationship with my children. 

I realized that all of us can learn how to be with our emotions. 

ANYBODY can heal.

If I can GET UNSTUCK, and feel Social Ease and Comfort, so can YOU!

In short: The “Getting Unstuck” process works because it starts with the core. It starts with you…and with love.


How the “Getting Unstuck” Process Works

The “Getting Unstuck” process is a 2-week program with a new lesson every other day.

It works equally well for everyone – those who live in the world of Recovery and those who don’t – as long as they are willing to go through the process.

1. Find a quiet place to start the process

Once you purchase, download the first available lesson. Find a quiet place where you can begin your process. You'll need a pen and some paper, as well as the downloadable worksheets we provide for you.

Then just put on the first audio and follow the instructions.

2. Choose what you’d like to work on

The beauty of the “Getting Unstuck” process is that it works with virtually any block you may have in your life even though, with this program, we focus on Social Ease.

The first time around, just choose any block that you'd like to work with. If you don't know which block you'd like to resolve, we'll guide you through the process of figuring that out.

3. Allow the process to work in your life

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This is the process:

Day 1: Lesson 1: listen to the first audio, fill out the worksheets, and do the exercises as instructed.

Day 2: Practice what you learned in Lesson 1 on the following day.

Day 3: Lesson 2 will be available for download. Again, listen to the audio and fill out the worksheets.

Day 4: Practice Lesson 2 the following day.

Day 5: Lesson 3 will be available for download. Again, listen to the audio and fill out the worksheets. 

Day 6: Practice Lesson 3 the following day.

Day 7: Lesson 4 will be available for download.

Continue this pattern, and with 6 lessons, you will have covered 12 days. Add the BONUS, and you have experienced a 2-week transformative program that can shift your life.

Day 8: Practice
Day 9: Lesson 5
Day 10: Practice
Day 11: Lesson 6
Day 12: Practice
Day 13: Bonus!!
Day 14: Practice

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That’s it! You have completed the “Getting Unstuck” process in its entirety! It is very easy to do, and you can go through it as many times as you'd like so that you own it as uniquely yours.

“Up until very recently, I had never defined myself as a socially adept person. I didn’t trust myself to behave appropriately with acquaintances or peers. One session with Eva transformed this discouraging assumption into an unshakable belief in my ability to do and be confident and competent in the company of others. She helped me step into my own incredible potential and opened up new avenues that had been inaccessible to me for nearly two decades.”

— Hayden Mears, Co-Founder of

About the Creator

Eva Angvert

Eva Angvert Harren, creator of BEAM LiFE, specializes in a body-centered approach to healing and complete wellness. She helps you “Release, Restore, and Recover” your body-mind and become reaction free!

The “Getting Unstuck” process helps you find relief from anger, anxiety, stress, and habitual patterns that hold you back from who you want to be.

You feel the aliveness available after releasing tension and pain in your body and learn how to reclaim your power, restore your peace, and recover your Self. 

By creating small shifts in your daily life, you learn skills that assist you in understanding and managing feelings, sensations, and emotions.

You COME ALIVE—often for the first time!

The “Getting Unstuck” process (aka “BEAM LiFE”) has been instrumental teaching people on the Autism Spectrum how to develop social intelligence and feel comfortable with themselves and their world.

Eva offers BEAM LiFE as a personalized, effective, and transcending process to empower you to be more of You.

She teaches her unique approach through experiential workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching. She believes that true wellness is reached when you heal from your core.

Eva helps you find relief from your own doom loop and learn to release internal blocks that keep you from experiencing freedom from anger, anxiety, and addictive behaviors. 

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