Beyond Recovery: Getting Unstuck from Life-Limiting Habits

Get free from the cycle of anger, anxiety, and addiction.

Do you feel as if you are always reacting instead of acting? Do you say to yourself: “Here it comes again.” If so, you could be circling in your own doom loop: You know what’s going to go wrong, but you have no power to stop it. Now you can transform your way of being with clarity, confidence and the natural courage to be you.

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed with anxiety? Do you often catch yourself being reactive, impulsive, or out of control? Do you want relief from an addictive behavior?

I help you get un-stuck from the tormenting conditions that limit your life experience. Whether you are in recovery, suffer from an addictive habit, or just want relief from anxiety or anger, the BEAM LiFE process is a simple 4-step process that will get you un-stuck.

I invite you to go through the BEAM LiFE process and experience a somatic and emotional awakening, a connection with yourself that will empower you to change your ways to support you and your goals. Realize that you truly can accomplish change and enjoy the true richness of your life.

Are you an Adult on the Autism Spectrum and want relief from the anxiety and paranoia that accompanies social blindness? Would you like to awaken your emotional and somatic intelligence to experience social and emotional ease and comfort? Would you like to learn how to “see” and “hear” the body language of others?

A wonderful, simple, and effective solution is to go through the BEAM LiFE Process and Get un-stuck from your conditioned ways–with Ease!

If you have a specific situation where an uncomfortable emotion arises, the BEAM LiFE Process is a perfect opportunity to resolve that forever!!
Use the BEAM LiFE Process to:
-Heal the impact of a past trauma
-Resolve disruptive emotional or behavioral patterns
-Remove blocks that stand in your way of personal success
-Create new habits that support your new way of being
-Find your way out of an overwhelming or addictive habit

You will learn how to focus on your strengths and reach your possibilities. You will find how to fully connect with your Self, and learn how to overcome anxiety, anger, and addictive habits. You will release your pain, restore your bodymind connection, rebuild your Self, and Go Beyond Recovery!

You will enjoy the freedom from your troubled past —all without having to relive your story. Actually, you don’t even have to tell your story. The process works either way.

If you are tired of feeling stuck in your career, your relationships or with an addiction; or just wanting to be free from the pain of old memories, losses, or other people’s actions, I can help you clear the path for balance and success in all areas of your life.

The BEAM LiFE process is a collection of modalities, techniques, education, and training combined into a unique formula that will integrate your Balance, Energy, Attitude and Motion.

Go to “What to Expect” for detailed information.

My goal is that you will eventually not need my services.

Remember, Freedom is Only a Breath Away. Call me today at 510.825.7574.

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“My progress has been nothing short of a miracle, at least from my perspective. I’ve gone from being very confused and not really knowing who I was, to becoming a more confident person with a good sense of self. I have had many therapy sessions in my life; none can compare with the guidance I’ve received from Eva.”
~ Jennifer

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