Many people get introduced to the powerful BEAM LiFE Coaching process, by attending one of Eva’s workshops. Participants come away with tools they can immediately implement to reduce stress, anxiety and feel more connected with themselves—allowing them to make decisions which support the kind of life they want. Click on the workshop topics below to find out more, or join our email list to hear about upcoming events in your area.

Deep Into Defense Mode Live, in partnership with Asperger Experts: For you on the Autism Spectrum; Enjoy the Safety and Support of the group and Find Your Own Way Out of Defense Mode.

Getting Unstuck: Releasing Blocks and Setting Your Self Free: On the Phone or in Person.

Find Your Brilliance: Unleash Your Power And Passion.

Social Ease: From Fear and Isolation to Freedom, Friendships, and Fun.

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Deep Into Defense Mode Live

in partnership with Asperger Experts


Feel Better Now: Find Your Brilliance Workshop


Are you tired of feeling stuck in your career, in your relationships, or with an addiction? Do you feel down and hurt from a loss, an old memory, or a person’s actions? Want to learn a successful formula to clear your path, move on, and achieve success?

Eva specializes in a body-centered approach to recovery and complete wellness. She offers relief from stress, anxiety, and negative habits by teaching ways to move through what is blocking your path to success.

Experience the BEAM LiFE transformational 1-day workshop and learn how to:

• Get clear about what’s blocking your path to success
• Learn how to use body-awareness as a tool to move on
• Create positive habits to reach new goals


Interested in attending an upcoming workshop? Please contact me to learn more.

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Social Ease in the World of Autism

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Do you feel tense and anxious throughout your day?

Are you having problems at social gatherings?

Does making small talk feel awkward and more like work?

How would you like to experience social events with less anxiety and stress?

THAT is what Social Ease, Getting Unstuck from Life-Limiting Habits is about.

If you were one of the lucky ones to be given a coupon code valued at $50 Don’t wait, sign up NOW

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In this specially designed workshop to prepare for the daily challenges in life you will learn how to:

· Release you own anxiety to better support your child.

· Establish healthy family boundaries for better communication.

· Empower your Self with a strong attitude of Ease and Comfort.

This is a full day workshop that builds emotional strength and balance with ease. This is NOT group therapy.

We use humor to release our patterns, and find different ways to interact that suits You!

You don’t have to tell your story!

You can participate, have fun, and learn tools to enjoy social events. Within minutes, you will experience relief from old behavioral patterns!

We offer this workshop quarterly and we have had wonderful feedback from our participants.

“I now see how I can change my relationship with my 22-year-old daughter.”

“I didn’t know that I was that critical, I thought I was helpful. Now I know how to be supportive without being controlling.”

“I feel so excited with this new way of communication.” “I can’t remember feeling this relaxed.”

If you are an adult on the Autism spectrum, or if you have an adult child on the Spectrum, this workshop is for you. You will experience new insights in a comfortable and supportive environment.

This workshop offers practices to a new way of experiencing life.

You will learn:

How to see clearly where you are stuck in your behaviors
How to identify co-dependency, and release fear
How to recognize your strengths and build confidence
How to open the door for trust and communication
You will step out of your comfort zone . . . and still experience Ease and Comfort. It’s possible!

All while having fun. That’s what it’s truly about, the ability to feel joy.

The group is limited to 8 people with much personal attention on each participants.

You will experience a sense of joy, just being you!

This FULL DAY 10PM – 5PM WORKSHOP is available once a month (or when we reach the limit of 8 people). We go for lunch at one of our nearby restaurants. Lunch is on us!



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Also, our participants have reported unexpected results we are happy to share.

They learned,

How to quiet their inner voice of discomfort.

How to recognized how their body transmits the signs of stress.

And, they found their engagement comfort zone.

Eva Angvert Harren specializes in a Body-Centered Approach to recovery and complete wellness. She teaches skills to move through stress, anxiety, and negative habits with ease and how to recognize and release what blocks your path to a life of Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fun!


At the conclusion of this workshop you’ll know how to relax into Social Ease

Join us in our upcoming workshop to learn skills to enjoy the Holidays.

This Workshop is limited to 8 people.


Eva’s goal is that you will eventually not need her services.


You will become a self-accepting and self-motivated person who will find Clarity in what you want, Confidence in what you do, and Courage in being You!


Need to talk? Connect with Eva

Call  510.825.7574

Email at