I have over 27+ years of experience with anxiety, addictions, addictive behaviors, depression, OCD, panic attacks, etc.

How We Can Work Together

I had a profound experience when Eva held my attention as she guided me into different areas of my body. As a yoga teacher and student I felt I understood body awareness. But when Eva guided me and held my attention it was very different experience, it was deeper. There is an energy connection with the work she does that is creating a great healing. Namaste.”

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Get free from the cycle of anger, anxiety, and addiction.

Do you feel as if you are always reacting instead of responding? Do you say to yourself: “I can’t believe I did it again?” If so, you could be circling in your own doom loop: You know what’s going to go wrong, but you have no power to stop it.

Now you can transform your way of being with clarity, confidence and the natural courage to be you. 

“I am so thrilled to write this letter of recommendation for Eva Angvert Harren. As my personal coach, Eva showed me quickly how to shed old habits that were keeping me from achieving my personal best. Through one on one consultations, she taught me how to empower myself through a series of introspective exercises, in-depth meditation along with daily and weekly journaling that helped me track my progress. Shortly after I completed this 3 month coaching program, I was able (in partnership with my husband) to launch a real estate investment company. Eva’s personal coaching was the genesis of this life-long dream and I strongly recommend you call her for a consultation and stop living behind your fears and doubts. Your new life journey can begin right now.”

I worked with Eva over a 4 month period with the intention to learn new techniques to understand myself and what I was holding in my body that stopped me from further emotional and spiritual growth. My first session with Eva was an eye opening experience. When I was12 I broke my jaw and I was getting tension headaches and jaw pain. During that session my unconscious went to the jaw and I had a major release. After that one session my tension headaches and jaw pain was reduced and as we continued the work it continued to heal. As we had more sessions more was revealed about how I saw myself and the fact that I had little to no boundaries. The most incredible part of this work was that it was not talk therapy. It was working with the feeling or the physical discomfort that came about in situations and memories. The work taught me to not judge the feeling or try to stop the feeling but to feel it and move through it. This work helped me find myself and to separate that from others judgments or opinions.”

“Eva’s life coaching assistance was very influential and helpful during a transition period of my life. With her assistance, I have been able to deal with the internal stress regarding work, relationships and life. Eva has a tremendous way of making balance and a good perspective a way of life!”

My ultimate goal is that you will not need my services.

You will become a self-accepting and self-motivated person who will find Clarity in what you want, Confidence in what you do, and Courage to BE . . . You!

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