Success Stories

“The entire process is very different than those I have experienced in the past. For me, I would compare it to peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the core, with the benefit of lots of positive reinforcement and support along the way. As good as I feel going into the session, I always feel ten times better afterwards.”


“I had the privilege of meeting Eva through mutual friends. I felt a connection with her as soon as I began to listen to what she was saying. I heard her share a trauma story that was very similar to mine. She sounded like she had solution and healing around her trauma. I wanted what she had. I had experienced trauma and am greatly affected by it. When we met we shared our stories, then she began to teach me about body work. She said that she was able to feel things with her body that she never could before her healing because of how tense and detached she was from her body. As we began our journey together I shared with her what was going on with my body while I was engaging in breath work. She continually reassured me that what I was experiencing was OK and explaining to me why these things were happening. (Twitches, bobbling, etc.)
Eva is teaching me body work that I can practice at home. It will help me with coping, stress, boundaries and my trauma. I can already feel a difference even after my first session. I highly suggest using her and her expertise. She will be worth every penny! You will be amazed at how such simple changes to everyday body functions will change your world! Thank you Eva!”

Julie Harrison

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