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“I had the privilege of meeting Eva through mutual friends. I felt a connection with her as soon as I began to listen to what she was saying. I heard her share a trauma story that was very similar to mine. She sounded like she had solution and healing around her trauma. I wanted what she had. I had experienced trauma and am greatly affected by it. When we met we shared our stories, then she began to teach me about body work. She said that she was able to feel things with her body that she never could before her healing because of how tense and detached she was from her body. As we began our journey together I shared with her what was going on with my body while I was engaging in breath work. She continually reassured me that what I was experiencing was OK and explaining to me why these things were happening. (Twitches, bobbling, etc.) Eva is teaching me body work that I can practice at home. It will help me with coping, stress, boundaries and my trauma. I can already feel a difference even after my first session. I highly suggest using her and her expertise. She will be worth every penny! You will be amazed at how such simple changes to everyday body functions will change your world! Thank you Eva!” ~Julie Harrison

After my session with Eva, I completed training to become a court appointed special advocate for a foster child. I am grateful to Eva for helping me see I needed to take action in the world, not stew in my own juices.
Sarah Nielson

I first came to Eva because I was experiencing extreme amounts of anger, both at work and at home. This anger felt like it was eating me alive from the inside and no amount of physical exercise or exertion of the will could make it go away. Upon seeing Eva for the first time she helped me to see that I had been living in a prison of fear and anxiety almost my entire life and it was this fear that was causing me to react with anger in almost every aspect of my life. It has not been easy work but it has been some of the most rewarding work of my life. Eva has taught me to let go of my fears which in turn have helped me to let go of my controlling and manipulative behaviors that were hurting my relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. I now feel like I live in a world of peace and serenity and when fear and paranoia pops up I have the tools to deal with them constructively instead of letting them drive my thoughts and actions. I cannot say enough about how Eva has blessed and changed my life for the better and how she did it without me having to use any medications. She has changed the world I live in by changing my perspective on life. ~Harry V.

Up until very recently, I had never defined myself as a socially adept person, mainly because I didn't trust myself to behave appropriately with acquaintances or peers. One session with Eva transformed this discouraging assumption into an unshakable belief in my ability to do and be confident and competent in the company of others, which I didn't think was possible for me. She helped me step into my own incredible potential, and opened up new avenues that had been inaccessible to me for nearly two decades. To say Eva changed my life would be understating how important she has been to my growth as a human being.
Hayden Mears
Before I met Eva, I had never felt like I deserved the success I had worked so hard for. I would always think, it wasn't good enough! I wasn't good enough. It was like hearing little voices constantly putting me down. After several sessions with Eva I really saw who I was, and the gifts and talents that God gave me. I really knew who I was. My belief systems grew and I gain confidences I never had before. My businesses started sky rocketing! Calls came in out of nowhere. In one case I was offered shares in a company along with a big check for my consulting services. Thank you Eva, for helping me believe in me! Eva, is the real deal! She gets to the bottom to help you get to the top! You’re the best, keep up the good work! 
Gary Massari
Top MLM Marketing Coach,
Jeunesse Business Consultant

Hi Eva, Congrats on a great FEEL BETTER NOW session. The experiential process worked for me because of your mastery in moving through the BEAM LiFE exercises and encouraging us to maintain body awareness, emotional and sensory awareness; so that in a short time I became more sensitive and attuned to where I was holding energy. We were guided to use the STOP, DROP, CHECK-IN tool to maintain awareness, that enabled me to shift my energy and my response. This is deep and powerful healing work Eva…Thank you for allowing us to experience the value of your wisdom, experience and mastery. ~Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA – Coach, Speaker, Author, Metaphysician and Director, The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center

The entire process is very different than those I have experienced in the past. For me, I would compare it to peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the core, with the benefit of lots of positive reinforcement and support along the way. As good as I feel going into the session, I always feel ten times better afterwards. ~Jennifer

In a workshop with Eva and others I functionally cured 35 years of C-PTSD. Her methods are genuine, gentle, and they work. I say gentle, because she could never be harder on me than I am on myself. Don’t be fooled; she is direct and honest. Some people find that harsh. I don’t. You always know where you stand with Eva. There are no surprises or secret handshakes. It’s safe. She allows the natural neurological process to facilitate coming to terms with difficult events, building better tools to cope and interact, and to be at peace with whatever happens. This allows me to have a bit more direction, and to not waste energy spinning my wheels, getting stuck in my head. Eva is easy to work with because her history has elements of what I have experienced, and she doesn’t ever judge or shame. She lets you own your space, your experiences and process. She holds a safe space, allowing you to heal yourself. It’s amazing. Now, life is amazing. ~Heather Patterson 

As a coach, Eva is there to facilitate, reflect, pace, and make suggestions, but it is the individual client who is in fact doing the work. This is to me one of the most powerful and positive aspects of her approach.” ~ Kathleen V.

I worked with Eva over a 4 month period with the intention to learn new techniques to understand myself and what I was holding in my body that stopped me from further emotional and spiritual growth. My first session with Eva was an eye opening experience. When I was12 I broke my jaw and I was getting tension headaches and jaw pain. During that session my unconscious went to the jaw and I had a major release. After that one session my tension headaches and jaw pain was reduced and as we continued the work it continued to heal. As we had more sessions more was revealed about how I saw myself and the fact that I had little to no boundaries. The most incredible part of this work was that it was not talk therapy. It was working with the feeling or the physical discomfort that came about in situations and memories. The work taught me to not judge the feeling or try to stop the feeling but to feel it and move through it. This work helped me find myself and to separate that from others judgments or opinions. ~Michelle


Last year I was gripped with fear and anxiety because of a heart condition. I was afraid, housebound and had panic attacks; I thought there was no hope for me. I had a session with Eva and that was my turning point, she showed me how I could get through this to a healthy life. It was a very hard time in my life, but I believed and followed what she said. It saved my life. I’m ever so grateful for this, for the type of coaching she does. ~Annie

After I attended Eva's 'Find Your Brilliance' Workshop, I rediscovered my own power within. The group exercises and class discussions allowed me to find the reason why I wasn't progressing with my own business plans. The entire workshop was experiential and well worth my investment.
Janet M. Perez

Eva, “life coaching” came at just the right time in my life. I was in desperate need of finding balance. I felt like my life was scattered everywhere and I had no idea where to find myself in the mess. Your plan and ideas helped me to first relax, look inside, introduced me to living “in the moment”, and to the great power our mind can have over our being. Because of your patience and training I am able to feel more centered, often think and feel with my body instead of just my mind! Thank you for the wonderful experience. ~Vicki


I am so thrilled to write this letter of recommendation for Eva Angvert Harren. As my personal coach, Eva showed me quickly how to shed old habits that were keeping me from achieving my personal best. Through one on one consultations, she taught me how to empower myself through a series of introspective exercises, in-depth meditation along with daily and weekly journaling that helped me track my progress. Shortly after I completed this 3 month coaching program, I was able (in partnership with my husband) to launch a real estate investment company. Eva’s personal coaching was the genesis of this life-long dream and I strongly recommend you call her for a consultation and stop living behind your fears and doubts. Your new life journey can begin right now. ~Marlene Kinley

Eva’s life coaching assistance was very influential and helpful during a transition period of my life. With her assistance, I have been able to deal with the internal stress regarding work, relationships and life. Eva has a tremendous way of making balance and a good perspective a way of life! ~Tom Thomas

Things are going well for me. I always give you a lot of credit for all the help you gave me in learning how to deal with my emotions and really get my life going again. Everything I learned from you has been a great tool in my life and even years after, I still use them. ~Karla Vega

I met Eva through a business group, and I knew her about a year before I decided to work with her.  She creates a very safe, comfortable environment, and she will tailor those surroundings as much as she can with my comfort in mind. I always feel that she has my best interest at heart. There is no “hard sell”. In the beginning I saw Eva about once a week. I now see her about once a month. My progress has been nothing short of a miracle, at least from my perspective. I’ve gone from being very confused and not really knowing who I was, to becoming a more confident person with a good sense of self. I have had many therapy sessions in my life; none can compare with the guidance I’ve received from Eva. The entire process is very different than those I have experienced in the past. As good as I feel going into the session, I always feel ten times better afterwards. ~Jennifer

 Eva never claims to have it all together, but she perseveres through life using a combination of self-awareness, wisdom, determination and a desire to help others. The thing that I like most about working with Eva is her ability to play devil’s advocate and help shed light on areas of my life that I typically want to avoid. The walls that I want to keep up, the denial, the feelings I don’t want to feel and the difficulties that I would rather not deal with. She has taught me the importance of taking care of myself and that I am worthy of love. I am learning how to allow myself the freedom to be me. Since working with Eva, I have become willing to work on the traumatic life experiences that have been holding me back in life. Eva is a life coach that is open to more than just one form of recovery. She is a great listener and provides support that is tailored to what I am going through at any given moment. She has helped me get in tune with my body and has aided in healing old wounds that I have been stuffing my entire life. I have grown tremendously and know that I will continue to grow thanks to her support. ~Diane Whitehouse

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