In Recovery

Have you been in recovery for a while and still feel anxiety?


Do you struggle with other addictive behaviors?



Do you find yourself overwhelmed with anxiety? Do you drop into moments of despair? I can help.

Do you often catch yourself being reactive, impulsive, or out of control? I can help.

Do you want relief from an addictive behavior? I can help.

I used to be so full of fear I could barely function as a mom, as a wife, or even hold on to friendships.  My anxieties totally consumed me. I had no attention left for relationships, often . . . not even with my husband or children.

 Most of my days were just something to get through . . . to the next day . . . and the same feelings would come back. The pending doom, the painful vigilance, watching for something horrible to happen, the pain, tension, and cramping in my body.

 I was caught in the Doom Loop of anxiety, anger, and addictive behaviors.

 Not anymore!

If you are tired of feeling stuck in your career, your relationships or with an addiction; or just wanting to be free from the pain of old memories, losses, or other people’s actions, I can help you clear the path for balance and success in all areas of your life.

Listen to a interview with Sarah at Sarah Says about my book Beyond Recovery and how we can go beyond sobriety and find complete wellness.

Get free from the cycle of anxiety, anger, and addictive habits.

Learn how to implement Brilliant Behaviors that move you through your barriers, and help you develop your formula for a successful living.

Do you feel as if you are reacting instead of acting? Do you say to yourself: “I did it again! Why?” If so, you could be stuck in a hopeless loop of repetitive behaviors where you keep on trying to change, but when you’re in the situation you find your Self doing the same thing again! You may even know what’s going to go wrong, but you feel as if you have no power to stop it.

Now you have the guide to release your limiting habits and beliefs by developing the clarity to know what you want, the confidence to walk your path, and the courage to be . . . You!  

“Last year I was gripped with fear and anxiety because of a heart condition. I was afraid, housebound and had panic attacks; I thought there was no hope for me. I had a session with Eva and that was my turning point, she showed me how I could get through this to a healthy life. It was a very hard time in my life, but I believed and followed what she said. It saved my life. I’m ever so grateful for this, for the type of coaching she does.”


How We Can Work Together

“The entire process is very different than those I have experienced in the past. For me, I would compare it to peeling back the layers of an onion to get to the core, with the benefit of lots of positive reinforcement and support along the way. As good as I feel going into the session, I always feel ten times better afterwards.”


“I first met Eva a few months ago and a strange thing happened. I trusted her implicitly and immediately. This instantaneous and total trust is unusual for me and I became one of her clients. She taught me many things one of which was that my mission, if I chose to accept it, was to aspire to do nothing. I’ll let go of the side of the boat now. Much of the water is only thigh deep. I’ll trust that I will not drown in the deeper parts of the water. Gives a new meaning to the concept of letting go and letting God. That works for me. What works for you?”


The BEAM LiFE process cultivates brilliant behaviors to support you and help you develop:

Clarity in what you want

Confidence in what you do

Courage to BE…You!

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